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Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

If your skin is dry and beginning to look dull, consistent dehydration may be the culprit!

Research is beginning to prove that dehydration can have a dramatic effect on your skin. You can use the best moisturizers on the planet but if you’re dehydrated their effects may be minimized. Lines and wrinkles are made more pronounced by dehydration.

Dietary water is a huge factor in having glowing, healthy and hydrated skin! Drinking purified water from a glass water bottle is the best and safest way to get your water intake. We carry Gem Water bottles and they are a fantastic and beautiful way to get your much needed dietary water!

To combat dull skin, try the Wellness or Forever Young Gem Water bottles. Our Wellness blend is said to tap into the vibrational powers of amethyst, rose quartz, and clear quartz for soothing calmness and healthy skin. Forever Young, on the other hand, combines aventurine, aquamarine, smoky quartz, and clear quartz. This combination is believed to offer an energetic cleanse of your body and mind that attracts clarity.

Drink at least 4 of these bottles daily for maximum skin brightening benefits! Your skin will be smoother, brighter and with some help from Hawaii Blue, you can get that glow you crave!

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