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How Can I Reveal Brighter Skin?

Harper + Ari Exfoliating Sugar Cubes are here! I found these amazing little gems while on vacation in Aruba. They smell AMAZING! Good enough to eat 🙂 and they leave your skin super soft, moisturized and glowing.

We carry the following:

Apricot — smells like the real thing! Sweet, fragrant and yummy!

Lemon — reminds me of lemonade on a hot summer afternoon. It’s refreshing and invigorating!

Rose is like a glass of sparkling wine with hints of strawberry, cranberry and raspberry 

Peach is like a kiss of summer! It smells sweet, luscious and leaves you wanting a slice of fresh peach pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. 

Our discovery box is a mix of blue raspberry, apricot, coconut, peach, tangerine and lemon. It’s the best way to choose your favorite scent!

Our brunch collection is a group of 3 mini jars. Coffee, rose and our juice cleanse (pineapple, kiwi and green apple) make us this delightful group of 3.

These are a perfect gift for someone who needs a little love! Or pamper yourself and bring home. You won’t be disappointed!

Did you know that exfoliating your skin is vital? It removes dead skin cells revealing softer newer skin below. As we age, natural exfoliation slows and can make skin appear dull. By exfoliating on a regular basis, you reveal the bright, fresh, new skin below. If you want to get that glow, this is your first step!

Buy yours today at our clinic in Newport News or Virginia Beach, VA.