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Why Does My Neck Look So Bad?

In honor of turkeys this November, let’s talk about the dreaded “turkey neck” that women over 40 have to contend with.

Gravity is the enemy. The neck is very often ignored, forgotten in the zealousness of trying to prevent facial aging. As for myself, I really didn’t pay any attention to my neck until I was in my 40s. I would look in the mirror and see my skin getting looser on my neck. If I was caught at a bad angle, it looked absolutely abhorrent (in my mind anyway :). The platysmal bands of the neck, which are tight and taut in your youth, lose laxity and begin to separate. These bands pull down on the skin, creating neck wrinkles and loose skin.

In this day and age of smart phones and computers, we spend hours every day looking down. This causes stretching of the skin and is one of the top causes of “turkey neck.”. The next time you’re looking down at your phone, look in the mirror and check out your neck. You will be surprised at what you see! It ain’t pretty.

A simple way to combat this is to hold your phone at eye level when looking at it.

Yo-yo dieting also wreaks havoc on your neck. Weight gain causes stretching of the skin. Weight loss emphasizes the skin laxity. Many of us go up and down in weight quite often. Try to keep your weight within a range of 10lbs to prevent this.

What can we do without surgery to prevent and correct “turkey neck”?

Treat your neck as well as you do your face. Give it some love. The skin on the neck is more delicate then your face so treat it with care. Cleanse, tone, exfoliate, moisturize and try our Age Reversal Neck Cream. Our cream was specifically designed for the neck and decollete. It is an advanced, hydrating emulsion that works to defy time and gravity. I have had great results with it so far! It is available in our clinic or at our online store for only $85. It is well worth it!

Also don’t forget to put sunscreen on your neck. Wear a hat when you’re outside to protect your face and neck from the sun’s harsh rays.

Botox in the platsymal bands works wonders! I get about 30 units every 3-4 months in my platysmal bands. This gives the effects of a neck lift without painful surgery. The bands will weaken over time with repeated Botox use and treatments can be spaced further apart.

Hawaii Blue can give you the effects of a neck lift without surgery. Book your appointment today to look 10 years younger!