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Why Asparagus Should Be In Your Anti-Aging Regimen

May is National Asparagus Month! We know what you’re thinking — this is something to celebrate? Yes! Asparagus is a humble nutrient powerhouse that packs anti-aging properties in every bite. We all may want to consider the power of asparagus for anti-aging!

History tells us that asparagus has been celebrated for quite some time. Ancient Egyptians considered it a sacred food, used it as medicine, offered it to their gods, and buried bundles of it with their rich. Ancient Greeks harvested wild asparagus for its health and aphrodisiac properties. The Romans cultivated it for medicinal and culinary purposes. In ancient China, honored guests were welcomed with an asparagus footbath.

Ancient cultures may not have known exactly what it was that made this vegetable so special, but today, we can name and quantify the many nutrients of asparagus. With significant levels of folate, vitamin K, vitamin A, vitamin C, thiamine, vitamin B6, copper, iron, manganese and more, it’s no wonder that asparagus gets its own month!

As you might imagine, asparagus boasts many health benefits. So, don’t overlook it as part of your beauty and skin anti-aging regimen as well. 

Anti-Aging Benefits of Asparagus for Skin

Asparagus extract has been studied, with positive results, for its capacity to condition and protect the skin, as well as its ability to reduce collagen loss and dermal thinning. 

As a rich source of vitamins C, E, and other antioxidants, asparagus fights free radicals. Vitamins A and C boost production of collagen. Asparagus also contains a compound called glutathione, which: 

  • Helps stop the breakdown of collagen
  • Prevents and treats hyperpigmentation and makes skin lighter
  • Protects cells from toxins
  • Hydrates skin
  • Suppresses wrinkle formation

All of this makes asparagus an anti-aging powerhouse! 

How to benefit from the anti-aging properties of asparagus

  • Use asparagus as a cleanser and facial treatment. Apply asparagus extract to the skin to help cleanse, treat acne, improve skin tone, and treat dryness. Or make a DIY mask incorporating fresh asparagus into your blend.
  • Eat asparagus regularly to nourish your skin from the inside and slow down cellular aging. Regular consumption of asparagus will help to keep your skin hydrated, thanks to the high water content in asparagus. It will also help to prevent glycation, which is the process in our bodies that damages collagen and ultimately leads to those unwanted signs of skin aging. 

Can Asparagus Help You Slim Down?

The beauty benefits of asparagus don’t just stop at making your skin look more youthful. If you are experiencing bloat or weight gain as you age, you may want to turn to asparagus to help combat these issues as well.

  • Use asparagus to detox and reduce puffiness. The high vitamin K content of asparagus helps to detoxify the body and remove excess water. If you regularly add asparagus to your diet, you’ll likely find it will help reduce puffiness in your face and/or body.
  • Use asparagus to fight belly fat and lose weight. The potassium in asparagus also helps to remove excess water and sodium—reducing bloat— but additionally, serves to boost metabolism. Combine that with the high fiber and low calories found in a serving of asparagus, and its lack of fat, cholesterol, or natural sodium, and asparagus becomes a great addition to a weight loss diet.

The anti-aging benefits of asparagus span far beyond beauty to include keeping your brain and heart young, too. So make sure to grab a bunch of asparagus the next time you are grocery shopping — your entire body will thank you! 

Not a Fan of Asparagus? That’s Okay!

We know asparagus isn’t everyone’s favorite vegetable. Just be sure to include other healthful fruits and veggies in your regimen to support your anti-aging goals. 

And you can always supplement your diet with nonsurgical cosmetic treatments. At Hawaii Blue Medical Aesthetics, we offer targeted anti-aging solutions for your skin and body that can give you results quickly. We offer a range of dermal fillers and botox that can take years off of your face — no asparagus required. 

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