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What is Ristow’s Space?

We take pride in being on the cutting edge of medical aesthetics. Kimberly, the best injector on the planet, found a pretty amazing new way to use fillers in the midface! My photos stand for themselves.

Nasolabial folds deepen with age. Sagging skin, loss of elasticity and facial fat loss contribute greatly to this. When fillers were still new, they filled in the nasolabial folds directly by putting filler into the folds. But, this never quite looked right. It would take several syringes (at least) in each side to fill deep set folds. Tindaling was also an issue. A blue tinge to the skin when the filler was injected too superficially is not a good thing. The folds were nearly impossible to fill in completely using this method.

The next school of thought was that adding volume to the mid face with filler to the cheeks, it would smooth out stubborn nasolabial folds. This works by creating lift in the cheeks which causes the nasolabials to be reduced pretty drastically. I have very deep nasolabial folds. By adding cheek filler, we have been able to minimize them but they never went away completely. Adding filler to the cheeks also gives you a more youthful appearance. Faces begin to flatten with age and the once youthful curvature of the cheeks gives way to a flat, more mature face. I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t work for me! Adding Voluma to the cheeks does wonders but hadn’t quite done the trick for me. 

When Kim told me about adding filler to Ristow’s space (right beside the base of your nostrils, I was intrigued. Using minimal filler directly on top of the bone gives amazing lift, fills out nasolabial folds and in doing so also reduces tear troughs. We have done 2 rounds of filler in my Ristow’s spaces and I am thrilled with the results. Also, strategically adding filler to my chin has elongated my face and helped reduce my pesky nasolabial folds. My face looks thinner, more youthful and take a look for yourself. Kim works magic on faces 🙂 she’s amazing. Book your Hawaii Blue appointment today to look 10 years younger.