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Welcome Our Botox Support Dog!

Help us welcome the newest member of the Hawaii Blue family, Blue the golden retriever! He is going to be in clinic starting the end of February. Blue is being trained to be a Botox Support Dog.

What is that you ask? He will be here to help people that are nervous about treatment. Additionally, he will help people with their fear of needles. Or anyone that needs some puppy love! Dogs are very stress relieving, they help lower blood pressure and anxiety. 

Everyone loves a sweet puppy! We think he will make our clinic more lively and provide our patients with an experience they cannot get anywhere else. We are the first clinic in Hampton Roads to offer this.
Blue is nine weeks old right now. He is being trained in North Carolina with Samantha, the dog trainer for Golden Star Family Puppies. She is amazing! At the moment, she is working with Blue and teaching him to walk downstairs, come when you call his name, potty training, basic commands, etc. Subsequently, he has another 2 1/2 weeks of training then he will come home to his new family!

Why a Botox Support Dog?

Historically, clinical settings use support animals and therapy dogs because they are very effective as a source of comfort and support. Dr. Ann Berger, a physician and researcher at the NIH Clinical Center in Bethesda, Maryland has noted: “Dogs are very present. If someone is struggling with something, they know how to sit there and be loving. Their attention is focused on the person all the time.”

Accordingly, the simple act of petting a dog lowers the stress hormone cortisol and boosts your mood.

Blue Can’t Wait to Meet You!

After Blue joins us in a few weeks, he will be in clinic on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays at our Newport News clinic. Book your appointment today for a stress free Botox treatment!