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Ready to look younger without invasive and expensive surgery? We leave you looking naturally beautiful with our anti-aging injectables. People will be asking what your secret is!

Gentle injectable specialists

Even those who have a fear of needles can rest easy in the hands of our highly skilled injector. We offer numbing and use small needles to minimize any discomfort. We do everything we can to make your experience as painless as possible. Come see for yourself the difference Hawaii Blue makes!

What is LavaSculpt?

We inject a custom formula compounded for LavaSculpt into stubborn fatty tissue, literally melting it away! Ideal treatment areas are the back of the arms, abdomen, chin, hips and thighs. We are the ONLY provider of LavaSculpt, trademark and logo are patent pending. The results of treatment are dramatic and permanent. When injected into fat, LavaSculpt destroys fat cells. Once destroyed these cells can no longer store or accumulate fat. LavaSculpt is now only $500 per session. Schedule your appointment today!

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