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Is Your Face Falling?

One of the first noticeable signs of aging is volume loss in the mid-face. As we age, the facial structure flattens causing skin to sag and the apples of the cheeks to become non existent. This is often accentuated by deep nasolabial folds and marionette lines around the mouth. Many patients come in asking us to fill in the nasolabial folds for them.

Cheek augmentation may be the fix you need.

In actuality, those patients need a cheek augmentation using Voluma by Allergan. This new age filler uses the latest in aesthetic medical advances to plump the mid face. Voluma can last up to two years in some patients, although most can expect to need a touch up after a year. This product lays deep beneath the dermis and gives lovely, natural-looking volume.

How does cheek augmentation help?

By adding volume to the cheeks, we tighten the skin of the face, smoothing out nasolabial folds and even filling in fine lines near the tear troughs. The results of this procedure are immediate and dramatic. It can take years off your face. We recommend starting with one syringe on each side of the face. We can add more if needed. The older you are, the more product it will take to get the desired look.

How will cheek augmentation affect me?

Cheek augmentation is a very common procedure and can be done on your lunch hour. We numb the patient’s face using a specially formulated BLT cream that we ship in from a compounding pharmacy in Utah. It is excellent, works quickly and takes the sting out of the injection. After numbing for 20 minutes or so, we sterilize the patient’s face and then begin injecting. Voluma contains lidocaine so pain is minimal, if there is any at all. Most patients tolerate it with no problems. We go to great lengths so that our patients are as comfortable as possible when being treated.

This treatment can take years off your appearance.

Bruising and swelling can occur and usually disappears within a week.

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