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Luxe Life Nashville

Below the Johnny Cash museum in Nashville lies the House of Cards. It is a step back in time to glamour reminiscent of the 1950s. It was a surprisingly wonderful treat and one that anyone living a luxe life must see for themselves.

A doorman in a 3 piece suit greets you at door and leads you to a dark staircase. He welcomed us and directed us which way to go when we reached the bottom. Photos are not allowed in the House of Cards. The restaurant is dark with low ceilings and beautiful crystal chandeliers hanging everywhere. Being a luxe life girl, I personally LOVE any excuse to dress up and the House of Cards did not disappoint. The strict dress code is ladies in cocktail dresses or suits. Gentlemen must wear jackets and jeans are not allowed. This leads the overall classy vibe of the House of Cards.

Walking into the restaurant the feel is hip, edgy, dark and mysterious. Men in suits and fedoras drink martinis and women dressed to kill sip colorful, tasty concoctions from chilled, elegant glasses. House of Cards is a must see for anyone living a luxe life.

As we were led to our table, we passed a magician at a table performing card tricks for engrossed restaurant goers. Old magic movie posters and art line the walls. The tables are set close together giving everyone a feeling of intimacy. The waiter gives you tiny flashlights with which to look at the menu (it’s hella dark in there!). The menu is elegant, and caters to the carnivore. However, there is a delicious beet carpaccio as an appetizer and vegetarian options for meals as well.

A photographer asked if we would like to have our picture taken to remember our special evening. We stood in front of an old magic movie poster and had our photo taken. About 15 minutes later, the photographer returned to our table and presented us with our photo. He did not sell it to us, he gave it to us. That was an unexpected touch of class in a time when everyone seems to be only after your money. It is a now a treasured momento of a fantastic romantic evening in our luxe life.

Dana at House of CardsWe were seated near a “magic” station where a gray-haired gentleman performed card tricks to the delight of patrons. Raucous laughter breaks out intermittently as the witty magician wowed his viewers. Between appetizers and dessert, you are encouraged to watch the show. When your meal arrives, they call you back to your table so that your food is still hot. The food was delicious. Its not the greatest food I have ever had but the experience is well worth it. (Being a luxe life girl, I have crazy high food standards.) I would rate it a 7 out 10. Quality food, but the focus here is on the experience not the food. After a dinner of steak and creamed spinach with a tasty chocolate torte for dessert, we went to see the main event, the magic show.

The red velvet rope marked the entrance to the small and intimate theater. They perform the show several times a night, timing it perfectly with everyone’s dinner. The magician was vaguely reminiscent of Jim Carey. He was very funny and engaging with his audience. He pulled several patrons up on stage with him where he performed some pretty awesome magic tricks. I was able to completely let myself go and have a wonderful time at this show. There is a feeling of kinship between the patrons. Like you’re in on an awesome secret that very few people will ever experience.

We left the show smiling. I would definitely recommend the House of Cards to anyone visiting Nashville.