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Is Ristow’s Space the Key for Treating Nasolabial Folds?

If you’re looking to take years off of your face, you may face a common culprit: deep nasolabial folds. Nasolabial folds, also called smile or laugh lines, are the creases on your face that extend from both sides of your nose down to the corners of your mouth. Nasolabial folds deepen with age, due to loss of elasticity, loss of facial fat, and the resulting sagging skin. Fillers are typically used in and above the nasolabial folds to reduce them. But our secret? Ristow’s space.

Treating Nasolabial Folds

When fillers were still new, aestheticians filled in the nasolabial folds directly by putting filler into the folds. But, this never quite looked right. It would take several syringes (at least) in each side to fill deep set folds. The folds were nearly impossible to fill in completely using this method. The Tyndall Effect also became an issue, which refers to a visible blue tinge to the skin when filler is injected too superficially.  

The next school of thought was that by adding volume to the mid face with filler to the cheeks, it would smooth out stubborn nasolabial folds. This works by creating lift in the cheeks which causes the nasolabials to be reduced pretty drastically. This is a great next step; however, for those with deep nasolabial folds, it’s not always enough to make them go away completely. 

At Hawaii Blue Medical Aesthetics, we use a technique that works wonders for those with deep nasolabial folds: adding filler to Ristow’s space. 

What is Ristow’s Space?

Ristow’s space, also called the deep pyriform space, is the area right beside the base of your nostrils. When strategically added by a skilled injector, fillers can be injected in Ristow’s space for optimal results in treating deep nasolabial folds. Using minimal filler directly on top of the bone gives amazing lift, fills out nasolabial folds and in doing so also reduces tear troughs.

Ready to Look Younger?

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