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Hawaii Blue Skincare Regimen, Part 1: Daytime

The average woman uses 16 difference skincare products every day. That truly boggles the mind! To put that into a dollar amount, it averages to over $10,300 in her lifetime that will be spent on skin care products.

In order for your products to be most effective, you need to use them in the correct order! I’m going to break it down for you by day and night beauty regimens as well as tell you which products I use. This week, we’re covering day time skin routines…


#1) Cleanse

-I use our Hawaii Blue Microderm Scrub alternated with Skin Medica’s AHA/BHA Cleanser

#2) Tone

-I use Skin Medica’s AHA/BHA Toner

#3) Alastin Tri-Hex Technology Pre-Treatment Skin Nectar alternated with the Restorative Skin Complex when I’m in between treatments

#4) Anti-Oxidant Serum

-I use Skin Medica’s TNA Serum alternated with TNS Recovery between chemical peels & micro derma stamp treatments

#5) Eye Cream

-I use Bella CBD infused Occhi Vivaci

#6) Facial Oil

-I use our Lokelani Oil infused with 24k gold flakes

#7) Moisturizer

-I use Hawaii Blue’s Restorative Moisturizer alternated with Bella CBD Infused Cream Elegante

#8) Neck Moisturizer

-I use Hawaii Blue’s Age Reversal Neck Cream

#9) Sunscreen

-I use Alastin’s Hydratint Pro Mineral Broad Spectrum Sunscreen on my face and neck