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Hawaii Blue on the Hampton Roads Show

The “O-Shot” for Women’s Intimate Health

Hawaii Blue Medical Aesthetics was recently featured on WAVY TV’s The Hampton Roads Show. Dana MacCorquodale and Kimberly Quinter discussed a new treatment using a patient’s own plasma to help regenerate tissue, reduce incontinence and improve sexual function.

Named the O-Shot, this virtually painless procedure works by stimulating stem cells to grow healthier vaginal tissue. And women LOVE it! Reporting results such as stronger orgasm, increased lubrication, help for bladder incontinence, and relief from dyspareunia (painful intercourse), the O-Shot has been a game-changer for women.

As the ONLY official licensed provider of the O-Shot within 3 hours of Hampton Roads, Hawaii Blue Medical Aesthetics can help women level the playing field! Learn more about the O-Shot here.

Watch the full segment below!