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Have You Had Your Collagen Today?

Without collagen, we would fall apart. Quite literally. One of the main benefits of collagen is that it is the glue that holds us together! Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body — found in our bones, skin, and connective tissue.

Collagen proteins act like the scaffolding of a building. They provide structure and support throughout the body. And that is why collagen is so important when we talk about anti-aging and our skin! Collagen provides strength and elasticity to our skin, eliminating sagging and wrinkles.

Our body naturally produces collagen, but it starts to decline as we age — sometimes as early as our late teens! Women experience a dramatic decline in collagen production after menopause.

So if you are seeing fine lines, loose skin, and dryness in your face and neck, one of the first things you should blame is decreased collagen.

What can you do about it? The science is still out on whether you can replace the lost collagen in your body. But popular options toward that goal are: 1) Collagen skincare products, and 2) Collagen supplements.

Do Collagen Skincare Products Work?

Walk down any skincare aisle and you’ll see collagen-containing products boasting of their miraculous powers and the multiple benefits of collagen. However, contrary to some marketing claims, collagen-containing products may work well as moisturizers, but they don’t actually replenish collagen in the skin. The collagen molecules in the products are simply too large to penetrate through the outer layer of the skin.

But all is not lost! It is possible to stimulate your skin’s production of its own collagen with products containing certain peptides, vitamins, and antioxidants.

At Hawaii Blue, we carry products that can help boost your collagen production:

  • Hawaii Blue Medspa Needle Free Serum;
  • Hawaii Blue Kaiimi Oil; and
  • Hawaii Blue Medspa Prescription RA Cream 0.05%.

(And, you can also come in and receive our 24k Gold Egyptian Facial, which naturally slows down the breakdown of collagen in your skin.)

Do Collagen Supplements Work?

Yes, but…

As with any supplement, you want to make sure you are consuming one that is high in purity and quality. One study has shown that consuming collagen peptides improved skin elasticity and another study showed they reduced wrinkles. It is encouraging to see the effect consuming collagen can have an reversing the signs of aging in our skin! However, it is important to note that these studies were performed using very specific collagen peptides. Not every supplement on the market may show these results, so buyer beware.

Building Collagen Naturally

Instead of just relying on supplements, you should regularly eat a well-balanced diet that helps support collagen formation. Collagen is naturally found in animal products like fish, chicken, beef, and egg whites. Even if you avoid eating animal products, there are plenty of vegetables that support collagen production.

Collagen contains specific amino acids: glycine, proline, hydroxyproline, and arginine. Other amino acids, vitamins, and minerals assist in collagen production as well. Consuming these “building blocks” in abundance is a good idea because they will give your body what it needs to produce collagen.

  • Glycine: Spinach, kale, cucumber, beans, bananas
  • Proline: soy, cabbage, asparagus, tempeh, alfalfa sprouts
  • Arginine: seafood, watermelon, nuts, seeds
  • Lysine: potatoes, quinoa, pistachios, beans
  • Sulfur: Eggs, broccoli, cauliflower, onions, garlic, bok choy
  • Vitamin C: tomatoes, bell peppers, strawberries, broccoli, oranges

What else can I do to maximize the benefits of collagen?

Nurture Your Skin

If you’re not seeing the results you want, make sure you’re taking precautions to guard the collagen you do have!

  1. Always wear sunscreen. UV rays break down collagen, speeding up the aging process.
  2. Don’t smoke. If you smoke, quit. Smoking inhibits the rate of collagen production.
  3. Limit your sugar intake. The inflammation caused by sugar produces enzymes that break down collagen and elastin.

Get an Instant Facelift

If you want faster and more dramatic results, come in and see us at Hawaii Blue. Our med spa is located in Newport News, VA. Hawaii Blue has knowledgeable consultants that can go over options to reduce wrinkles and plump your skin. (Our liquid facelift will take years off of your face!) We look forward to serving you, and helping you become your most confident and powerful self. Use the benefits of collagen to your advantage today!