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A Designer Face — The Real Status Symbol

Some women seek a Birkin bag, a pair of Louboutin red bottomed shoes or a Porsche for a status symbol. To me, anyone can buy things. The real status symbol in 2019 is a designer face.

Having aesthetic work done is truly an art form. And yes, it is expensive, no doubt about it. But being able to delay the aging process to me, is invaluable. 

I can spot a designer face very easily. In a sea of people, a pair of beautifully augmented lips or pair of cheekbones sculpted by hand stands out to me much more than a Louis Vuitton bag. You can’t fake good aesthetic work like you can a Rolex watch. A good injector is a true artist. They can take anyone and mold them into what society sees as an ideal beauty. And this can all be done with injectables.

There is a point where you must defer to a good plastic surgeon for a face lift or eyelid lift. But there are things we can do with filler and Botox that would astound you. 

Did you know we can use filler to sculpt a chin and jawline? This extends the chin, adding filler to the jawline gives you the sculpted look of Angelina Jolie and tightens up lax skin in the neck.

Did you know we can use Botox in the masseter muscles of the jaw? This softens the jawline and reduces pain from TMJ and grinding of the teeth. Overuse of these muscles gives a square, masculine shape to the jawline.

Did you know we can add filler to earlobes to help with earring holes that have been stretched? 

Did you know we can use filler on the brow bone to highlight the eyes and tighten loose skin on the eye lids?

Did you know we can use Botox to fix a thin upper lip and gummy smile? We use 4 units of Botox (2 on each side) just above the lip to relax the pucker muscles. This extends the lip ever so slightly and gives a Julia Roberts type pout to the lip.

Did you know we can use filler to upturn the corner of the mouth like a Mona Lisa smile? As we age, the mouth begins to turn downward giving some people what has jokingly been called “resting bitch face” aka the appearance of always frowning. We can turn that frown upside down!

These are just a few of the things we can do at Hawaii Blue to help delay the aging process and give you that fresh look you desire. Give us a call when you’re ready to look 10 years younger! You will be glad you did.