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Botox: It’s not just for wrinkles anymore!

We take great pride in staying on top of the latest trends and techniques in medical aesthetics. So when Kim came to me and showed me the latest device for facials, a micro needling product covered in 24k gold tips each thinner than a human hair, I was seriously intrigued!

Micro Botox and Micro Juve (hyaluronic acid) are the latest trend. It’s already on the west coast. It will of course slowly make its way to the eastern seaboard but that’s way too long for me! As my other half will tell you, I’m all about instant gratification 😉 it’s one of my character flaws. So, I did my research, found a supplier for this amazing new device and it is now in our office and available to patients at Hawaii Blue Medical Aesthetics.

So, let’s dive a bit into this luxurious treat for your skin.

We use Botox that has been highly diluted. It will not paralyze your facial muscles but it will shrink pores and reduce sweat and oil production by limiting the use of these glands. The results are incredible. I had a micro Botox facial this week and my skin is already seeing its effects. My pores are smaller, my face is less oily and my skin has a beautiful glow. I am still peeling from my facial but that will subside in the coming days.

This treatment is fantastic for acne prone skin and rosacea as it calms redness and slows down oil production.

Hyaluronic acid is also used in the chamber to plump the skin from the inside out. This vital component of your skin draws water into it making it hyper moisturized. It smoothes out fine lines and wrinkles.

I also had Skin Medica’s TNS recovery complex added to the chamber to help build collagen deep within my skin. This amazing product contains powerful growth factors and is clinically proven to enhance skin tone, texture and resiliency.

Hawaii Blue’s amazing Needle Free Serum was also added to my personalized concoction. This serum contains key ingredients; niacin amide, a copper complex, hyaluronic acid and sodium chondroitin sulfate to name a few. It revitalizes aged fibroblasts within the skin. Its collagen activating serum is a must have for those seeking gorgeous, glowing skin.

24K gold flakes are infused into the mix providing skin firming and plumping properties. This decadent treat was purportedly used by Cleopatra nightly to maintain her youthful glow.

Juvederm filler can also be added to this treatment. It will plump, smooth and hyper hydrate your skin making it feel like the velvety, butter soft skin of your youth.

We can customize the formula to contain skin brightening (Lytera), redness soothing (CBD oil), super charged with your own PRP (platelet rich plasma)’s healing properties. Just let us know what your skin concerns are and we will customize the treatment to your skin.

Hawaii Blue is also coming out with a personalized package of products and a Ka’ili derma stamp that you can use at home. It won’t contain Botox or Juvederm but you can still get great results with at home use. These treatments are best in a series of 4.

When you’re ready to take the plunge, just give us a call or schedule online!