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Having aesthetic work done can be a big decision. Here’s what you need to know.

Almost any age! You don’t need to wait until your crow’s feet are fully established before thinking about treating them. Botox can actually be used to keep wrinkles from happening in the first place, and many are opting for this preventative treatment early on. Those as young as 18 can benefit from injections of Botox.

We understand some people aren’t fond of needles! We go to great lengths to make your experience as painless and stress free as possible. We use numbing cream and smaller needles so that you can’t feel a thing!

Initially, we may recommend returning for maintenance Botox doses every three to four months. However, over time you are able to extend the amount of time between Botox treatments. If you get Botox regularly, you don’t have to do it as often, as it causes the facial muscles to atrophy. It can be done as little as twice a year!

We schedule services by appointment only. Schedule an appointment here to come in. If you are considering a treatment, we recommend you first schedule a consultation to come into the office. Email us, call 757-223-0882, or schedule here to set up your consultation. The consultation is 100% free and helps us to determine the best treatment for you. The consultation is recommended, but not mandatory. We look forward to seeing you!

There are a number of things we advise refraining from, either before or after your treatment, or both. This includes drinking alcohol, smoking, and exercising. Please see all detailed instructions here. These instructions are to ensure you have a successful treatment!

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