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Baby Botox (It’s Not What You Think)

Baby Botox? No, it’s not what you think! This is a new way of treating and preventing wrinkles using minimal amounts of Botox… We do not inject Botox in anyone under the age of 18.

There are people who want the maximum amount of muscle paralysis from Botox. This includes myself! I like to have no movement in my facial muscles from Botox. This calls for a maximum dose. This can be anywhere from 40-75 units depending on the patient’s age and severity of wrinkles. I get my Botox done as soon as I begin to see movement. However, that is not necessary for the cessation of most wrinkles. If you get Botox on a regular basis, you really only need to get treated every 4-5 months. You will begin to get facial muscle movement back but it takes a while for the lines to begin to form again. Botox causes the muscles to atrophy (weaken). Muscles that are not as strong cannot form as deep of a line.

For as many patients we have that want total muscle immobilization, we have an equal amount that prefer not to shout from the rooftops that they get Botox treatments. They prefer a subtle look with more movement than typical Botox treatments… Baby Botox is perfect for these patients!

For example, we treated a patient recently with Baby Botox. Traditionally, we would have told her she needed 50 or so units of Botox in total. However, her wrinkles are almost nonexistent and she did not want a frozen look to her face. Many people use their eyebrows and forehead muscles when they talk. It’s a form of expression for many and they do not want it limited by muscle paralysis. We treated her with 26 units of Botox. She came in for a follow up and looked amazing! She was very happy with her result and in fact, next time we treat her, we will not use as many units. Everyone reacts to Botox differently and she is pretty sensitive to it.

We do take into account a patient’s wants and preferences. We do not push a certain number of units on a patient. We treat conservatively. It’s better to under treat than over treat in our opinion. We can always add a few more units when the patient comes back for their 2 week follow up. That’s why your 2 week follow up appointment is so important. It gives us a chance to tweak your result if needed.

If you’re interested in Botox but have been afraid that everyone will know, come in and give Baby Botox a try! The only people that will know are you and Hawaii Blue. 🙂

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