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Are Your Hands Giving Away Your Age?

In June of 2015, the FDA approved a dermal filler (Radiesse) for a previously off-label use: injection into the hands. In May of 2018, they approved another (Restylane Lyft). 

The FDA is finally catching up with what many doctors and aestheticians have been doing for years — using fillers to make aging hands look plumper and younger.

When you hear “anti-aging skincare” you probably first think about the face and neck. But forgetting about your hands would be a mistake — as we grow older, our hands are among the first body parts to start showing signs of aging. Many have turned to dermal fillers to turn back the clock for their hands. With the FDA’s formal stamp of approval, this “handy” procedure is expected to become even more accessible moving forward.

“Why do my hands look old?”

There are a few reasons that our hands are so susceptible to signs of aging.

  1. The skin on our hands is thinner than on our face, and has less sebaceous glands to keep it naturally moisturized. If this thin skin is excessively or constantly dry, it becomes prone to inflammation and cracking, contributing to older looking hands.
  2. As you get older, your body naturally loses soft tissue. Loss of collagen as you age contributes to making hands look more frail and bony. Veins become more noticeable, and hands look less supple.
  3. You use your hands for everything. And they are nearly always exposed. Whether it’s driving your car, washing dishes, cleaning the bathroom, doing your hair, crafting, gardening, lifting weights, working…. your hands are constantly in demand. And throughout all this activity, they inevitable are in contact with many different elements:
    • Sun: UV rays are largely responsible for skin aging, increasing collagen loss and causes age spots. Neglecting to use sunscreen on the tops of our hands (or neglecting to reapply sunscreen after the many times we wash our hands throughout the day) is considered by dermatologists to be the leading cause of visible aging of the hands.
    • Wind and cold: Our hands are frequently exposed to harsh conditions like wind and cold. These elements in particular contribute to dry, cracked, and chapped skin on our hands — which contributes to premature aging.
    • Water and cleaning products: Water alone can throw off the skin’s barrier function by facilitating evaporation and leading to drier skin. So, constantly washing your hands, especially when using soap and hot water, can dry out and irritate the skin on your hands. Certain cleaning chemicals, detergents, and hand soaps strip the skin, leaving it unprotected and susceptible to damage over time.  

How to Keep Hands Looking Young

If you don’t want your hands to give away your age, there are some habits that you should start to put into practice right away.

  1. Apply sunscreen daily to your hands, and reapply after washing hands.
  2. Wear gloves when you are washing dishes, cleaning, or doing yard work.
  3. Use a mild hand soap to wash your hands, and only scrub gently.
  4. Moisturize your hands throughout the day. Try the Kai Hand Cream, sold at Hawaii Blue. Apply an anti-aging hand cream before you go to bed at night. OSEA Anti-Aging Hand Cream is one of our top choices.

Dermal Fillers to the Rescue

It’s best to include your hands in your anti-aging routine from a young age — hands start to look older as early as one’s 20s. However, many people wait to do something about it until they notice the obvious effects, usually sometime in their 40s. By that time, dermal fillers may be one of your best options.

Talk to us at Hawaii Blue if you’d like to turn back the clock on your hands. The procedure at our Newport News med spa is quick and effective. Results last up to six months, with very minimal, if any, temporary side effects. You’ll love the results!

Don’t let your hands age you. Schedule your consultation today.